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Welcome Christine to the Heaslip Team!

Heaslip Engineering welcomes our new Structural Drafter, Christine Davies to the team.

1. What's your professional background? My background is predominantly architectural. My love for buildings began at the age of seven. Though I did try, I never could quite convince my parents to convert their hallway closet into a stair leading to my new attic bedroom, but they did encourage and challenge me to figure out how it would be plausible. For my twelfth birthday, my dad gifted me a residential modeling program. Certainly laughable compared to today’s BIM technology but nonetheless, an essential part in establishing my future in the building industry. I attended Louisiana State University and in 2012, received my Bachelor of Architecture. After graduation until just a few months ago, I had the privilege to work for Michael Hunley and Shiloh Moates at MSH Architects in Covington. The wealth of knowledge learned and the opportunity to contribute to such a wide variety projects while at MSH was an invaluable experience. Desiring to be closer to home and seeking a new challenge, Heaslip Engineering adopted me in January. I’m excited to embrace and learn a different side of the industry! 2. What is your favorite part about your job? As a teen on mission trip in rural Belize, I experienced the ability the built environment has to impact and transform lives. That was pivotal in guiding me toward architecture and is what I still enjoy most in the structural field: contributing to projects that positively alter human interaction with the built environment. 3. What do you like to do in your her free time? Do people actually have free time? I’m not convinced! Outside of work, I willingly fill my time cooking, exercising, reading, traveling , supporting my husband, renovating our home, loving on our dogs, participating in our church, and enjoying life with friends and family. 4. What is something most people don’t know about you?

People know I love to travel. But what they don’t know? I completely geek out organizing travel itineraries. It’s a puzzle that demands being solved. Flights, lodging, sights, transportation, tours, dining, museums – all pieces that fit together in a particular way to best maximize time, enjoyment, and affordability. I spend months leading up to a trip researching and planning. It’s pure joy when all those pieces align into a “perfect” itinerary!

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