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Heaslip Engineering provides professional civil engineering services for  residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our engineering design team is experienced with regulatory requirements for municipalities across the Gulf South. Heaslip Engineering provides civil engineering design and drafting services to architects, contractors, and owners.

  • Site Design

  • Stormwater Management/Stormwater Planning

  • Green Infrastructure

  • Erosion and Sediment Control

  • Utility Infrastructure




Heaslip Engineering provides structural engineering design and drafting for architectural, commercial, residential, an industrial projects. Projects range from very small scale designs to vast multi-story facilities and include wood frame, light gauge metal stud, structural steel and concrete systems. Heaslip Engineering offers customized design services that are responsive and collaborative with architectural design teams.

  • Building Design

  • Foundation Design 

  • Structural Evaluations

  • Historic Rehabilitation 

  • Hurricane-Impact Design


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